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30th October
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I am a short girl, and I am afraid of wearing dresses as long as the summer comes. I am not confident at all because of my short legs. Later I find that actually short girls could also wear dresses at any time as long as they know the skills to match their clothes, what¡¯s more, they could also appear taller by proper matching ways.

Black could make fat girls appear slim, at the same time, its visual result could make you appear taller, and you could have a pair of long legs if you match the black clothes with high heels. Black suspender skirt could be matched with a pair of wedge-soled shoes in the same color, in this way, the whole feeling in black could make you become taller.

People always say that it is the right for tall girls to wear flared trousers, in the fact, short girls could wear them as well. You could just train your confidence from wearing black clothes from the beginning to end, and then you just match them with a pair of sliver high heels. In this way, you will find that you appear different when you stand before the ceiling high mirror in this style. Gradually you will gain your confidence.

Broken flowers are popular every year. In the fact, small broken flowers are suitable for short girls in summer. Purple broken flowers could make girls appear dreaming and mature, but if you match them with a pair of white high heels, you could become very beautiful and charming.

Candy colors are the most popular in this season, and they are enough to attract attention and to increase your sweet feeling, and then we could achieve the effect we want easily.

I hope that all short girls could become confident in summer, and we should tell us that we still could become very charming by proper matching ways even though we are short.

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28th October
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Ladies easily think of the Happy Sport watch collection when speaking about Chopard watches. And that is truth that the collection is the most well-known and most important ladies line from Chopard. So that is no wonder that the brand never ceases to create different variations for the collection.

This year, Chopard enriches the Happy Sport collection with the new Happy Sport XL line-for women who love to wear chic large timepiece. The new ladies watch line contains three models (one in water blue, one in charming coral and the one other in green mother-of pearl )that deserves the ¡°XL¡± in their title. Crafted in stainless steel, they have a large case at 42mm ¨Cjust remember, they are ladies watches.

The fresh color using is of course the biggest feature of this watch line. But the newly-designed hands and novel dials are the same attactive. Dial of each model comes with eye-pleasing lacquers and the free floating diamonds in metal that ¡°fly¡± around a sandwiched section . The hands, which are a bit fat yet very lovely, are in the same or matching color with the case. Overall, the dials look quite artistic and beautiful, and that is a valuable nature of Chopard. The rubber straps also seamlessly blend into the overall design. Beating inside the watches must be Swiss quartz movements. And I love the blue model with water blue dial best, though the other two models are not half bad too.

According to Chopard, each model in the Happy Sport XL line will be limited to 500 pieces and will be exclusively sold at Chopard brand boutiques. You may have been amazed by these beautiful pieces. But attention! The price, 5,590 euros each, is a fortune. Take a second thought before buying.

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24th October
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There are thousands of watch brands in the world, such as Casio, Rolex, Rado, and Piaget and so on. Of these famous watch brands, Casio is the most attracting in my mind. Though it’s not the most famous brand in the world, it still my favorite watch brand.

Why Casio watches attract me so much?

First are Casio watches¡¯ classifications. There are two big classifications of Casio watches. One of them is jumping-figure watches. This kind of watch is a sport and casual image. It suit for the people who enjoys sporting a lot. The other one is pointer gauge. This kind of watch shows a young and fashionable image. It suit for the people who works a lot. Casio Company is very special and flexible. It will launch different products in different seasons to satisfy customers’ needs.

According to different social status, Casio divide in several series. Such as BABY-G for the women who peruse fashionably styles, OCEANOS possess the most advanced function tough solar, and REGUALAR is full of artistic expression. Among these series of Casio, BABY-G is my love. Firstly, BABY-G has basic, puppy, sweet poison, theme and G-MS. These four kinds of watches are with good and special appearances. Secondly, they all possess strong functions: shock resistant, water resistant, tough solar and world time. These functions decide its population. What’s more, some kinds of Casio watches are carved with beautiful and lovely pictures. People in all position can find their favorites in Casio. No matter the old or the young, Casio offer suitable choices for everyone.

Therefore, Casio is my love; it has all kinds of watches, with good appearances, with strong functions, with incredible value. The most important thing is not with expensive prices. Casio is the most suitable for all the people, especially for me.

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17th October
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Ladies loves bags£¬just like they have an inherent love of beauty.There is no question about that the authentic bags are the most important accessory for a woman.Nowadays bags are so available in a great variety of models and sizes that you need to pay more attention to purchase a bag.

1.The type

Firstly,to determine which type you want to buy is is the first and most important step.There are kinds of bags such as satchel¡¢waist bag¡¢handbag¡¢single shoulder bag¡¢shoulders bag¡¢backpack and double-duty bag etc.After the decision,to select the specific details of the type.

2.The size

Then choose the size of bag according to your needs.For example,when you go out shopping or to see a movie,especially in summer,umbrella,comb,towellette are absolutely necessary,maybe the middle type of bag is worth considering.

3.The style

In addition,look over the length of the belt bag whether is in keeping with your requirement,the pattern whether is consistent with your usual style. Fashion bags, leisure bags, cartoon bags, etc. are all your choice. For instance,the bag style such as Japan and South Korea Style have a stronger appeal to buyers.Bought for practicability,not for ornament,or just be used for decorating

4.The color

Certainly,an outfit without perfectly matching accessories is not complete.The color is key.If you want to attain a more cohesive and subtle look the bag hardware and fasteners should have the same color as your necklace, scarves, and earings. Match your bag to the shoes that you are going to wear.Match the bag hardware to your jewelry. Match the bag to your clothes.This will create a nice flow of colors and your bag would be perfectly coordinated with your outfit.

5.The quality

Finally to check on the quality of the bag. Attention to detail so as to approximate perfection during manufacture is one of its hallmarks.Open the bag to make certain there is function completly inside.Moreover, to fasten or unfasten by a zipper to make sure whether the zipper is strong.

6.The price

The best quality with the most reasonable price is the first option however the quality of bag is worthy of the price that is the most important.

As you can see, it isn’t hard to refresh yourself with a optimal bag.Carefully chose, there will be a good harvest.

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10th October
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I admit I have fallen love with Valentino this spring. And the following is part of my handbag list in Feb. 2010.

Valentino 360 have a very special position in my heart. I was deaply obsessed with red Valentino 360 Hobo last year. And now I find my new favorite- Valentino 360 Embroidered Shoulder bag. I am glad that today¡¯s designers still play the lace art tastefully. The bag itself is crafted from stone fabric and is overlaid with off-white straw floral embroidery. Like other Valentino 360, it has a large beige leather bow that serves as a fold-over closure. The leather stamped logo plague is found both on the back and the satin-lined khaki interior. There is a zip pocket inside as well. Overall, it is beautiful and elegant, very nice choice for a lady. It goes for $1,195.

It is weird that I do not like jewelry that shines too much such as diamond ring. But I like shiny bags. For example this Christian Louboutin Lolita Mirror Shoulder Bag-not sure why Louboutin calls it ¡°Lolita¡±. But obviously, it a born eye-catcher.It will sure bright up the wearer¡¯s overall outfit and mood. And I think not every one can handle it. By this, I mean only women of exceptional style can match its extraordinary splendor.

Sized at 19″W X 14″H X 4″D, it is actually very large. It features double goldtone chain straps that match its copper-mirror-effect material perfectly. The lining is read satin. And there is small wallet made of same material of the bag inside.

A fabulous handbag like this should be matched with fabulous outfit. So it is terribly wrong to have casual ensemble when you carry this bag. The retail price for this bag is $995

And I spot a Christian Louboutin bag that I can carry to attend evening wear. It is the Christian Louboutin Mia Satin Evening Bag which is quitge simple yet elegant. I really love its clean lines that makes it a perfect accesory to go with an evening dress.

Sized at 8″W X 6″H X 2?”D, the little bag is lined with peachy-red satin and has classic logo plate and a small pocket inside. The adjustable goldtone chain is very exquisite and durable. The bag also comes with the classic Louboutin heels and other shiny hardware. The retail price is also$995.00.

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6th October
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Inspired by aviators’ watches, the T-Touch Expert Pilot gives access to new heights. During its long years of evolution, the iconic brand Tissot has earned a firm recognition for innovation, accuracy and cutting edge technology. The latest Tissot T-Touch expert pilot watch is no exception with the perfect blend of trendy design and supreme functionality coupled to ease of use. It would proved to be your ideal choice with build quality and outstanding finish.

The T-Touch Expert Pilot is devised specifically for Pilots. The 100-meter water-resistant watch is equipped with a quartz movement with HMSD analogue-digital system.

Large, easy-to-read white hands/LCD display and bezel markers are reminiscent of a cockpit instrument or gauge, it wears very comfortably on the wrist and feels almost weightless.

The dial for the splendid T-Touch watch is carbon fiber or matte finished black, having successfully blended the design elements of traditional aviator watches and those of the T-Touch range.

The titanium case is obtainable in two versions either in a strap-high quality brown leather strap or a titanium bracelet. The former demonstrates an aviator feel while the latter displays a strong and confident look.

The Tissot T-Touch Expert Pilot watch is secured to the wrist on a masculine titanium bracelet or a gracious brown leather strap, fitted with a safety folding clasp.

In a word, the Tissot T-Touch Expert Pilot adds brand new dimensions of intricacies while apparently heightening the fun in functionality. The latest Tissot watch is produced as a highly collectible timekeeping machine for those adventurous people.

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