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30th December
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You should know that kids also have many stresses in their life. They have stress in homework, school activities or making friends. Therefore, it is must to find them a way to release their various kinds of stresses. And Yoga is a nice way to go.

Yoga can help the kids to better control themselves when they are facing stress. Just like what Yoga does to the adults, it relaxes the stresses of the kids and ensures them a happy day.

Suppose your kids are hyperactive, Yoga can satisfy their desire for sensory stimulus. The tree and warrior movement can calm such kind of kids.

Yoga offers the kid a better heart since it has a good cure on cardiovascular. If your children began to practice Yoga at early age, then they can have a healthier life at the adulthood, prevent them from getting any heart problem like heart attack.

What is more, Yoga helps the kids to have a better sleep. Deficient sleep makes them have trouble in controlling their emotion and get stressed easily. In that case, you can bring them to Yoga practice.

The kids are the hope of the parents and the whole country. Therefore, their healthy growth is of great importance and sense. From now on, take them to Yoga lessons. It may cost a little expensive, but it is worthy of doing because any problem and disease caused by stress and unhealthy body are tougher. Thus, we should prevent any consequence that may be brought by the stress from the early ages of the kids. And Yoga is the activity you must prepare for them.

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26th December
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What is the Christmas gift? Do you have any Christmas ideas? How can we buy Christmas gifts?

Let us think it over. Perhaps right now you’ve got an idea. What about go window shopping? Firstly. Let us take a bus. And let us going together. So. Now, I and my best friend Lucy was getting together to the shop center.

When we get off the bus. We would like to look for the showing lines. Lily want to choose the shoes for her pen friend as a Christmas gift. She like the lovely pink color. And choose the 37 size as the comfortable one. She have a try of the shoes and feeling it so comfortable and nice looking for the gift. So. At last. She choose the pair of shoes for her friend’s gift.

And let’s looking about Lucy. Look . What have her been choose ? Let’s see. Oh, She was choosing a love Christmas card for her boyfriend. And when you open the card, It will ring and sing a Christmas song in a pleasant voice to your ear. It sings ”Merry Christmas . Merry Christmas and happy new year”. Both of us were laughing her ,We said:” Why did you choose the Christmas card for the Christmas gift?” She answered, Because I want to send it for my boy friend as a new year gift .and I can writing something on him for what I don’t know how to open my mouth to show my love also”. That’s so interesting for her .

All of us were already choose the lovely and the best Christmas gift for our friends. And we were already spend a happy time at the sales center department. Most important things is that we’ve got our self Christmas gift and the idea .We hoping to spend our happy again for the next Christmas time.

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23rd December
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As one of the most famous watchmakers across the world, Chopard, headquartered in Geneva, is specialized in producing high quality watches with precise movements. All its timepieces are favored by the people in the planet. If you would like to highlight the beauty and style with beautiful accessories, Chopard watches are no doubt your preferable selections. What is more, they are really nice presents for family members or friends.

Original Chopard watches are really perfect collections except the astronomical prices which far exceed the capabilities of most ordinary people. For those who want to wear precise and durable designer watches with limited bank accounts, such copies are wise choices. The high quality replica watches look almost the same as real ones. Made from exquisite materials and equipped with precise movements which are produced in Swiss, these watches are reliable for everyday use. In a word, you can enjoy any fineness of Chopard watches through their replicas.

In today’s market, it is vulnerable to find a satisfactory Chopard imitation for there are thousands of entrepreneurs doing such business offline and online. Whichever way you decide to buy the replicas, make sure to deal with reliable merchants, so that you can ensure what you buy will turn out to be of high quality. The most effective way is to check the customer satisfaction covering negative and positive comments of the dealt customers. To be honest, quality Chopard replica watches are good ideas to send as gifts for others. They are of great strength as well as sleek design and would be madly loved by the gift receivers. Why are you still wasting time? Act now and buy a satisfaction!

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21st December
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Dior¡¯s watches seem to be pronoun of elegance, fashion and nobility. Although mobile phones and computers have become necessities of our life, wearing one our own watch has become a life, a taste, a romance and a symbol. From now on, from watch on, love yourself, and love life. Dior¡¯s watches is my favourite brand. I regard this brand as a part of my life.

Dior, deducted the female dream of half century with passion, and created the fashional myth. Nowadays, the new Dior leads the spirit of modern female– sexy confidence and passion vigor, fashional charm.

As the watches series, Dior also uses its unique style to shine its own bright light. Whether it is a solemn luxury, or the atmosphere lively, strong poetic, or eclectic, natural, natural romantic, or bright colors, unique style, Dior¡¯s watches always make you feel that you will be in the full of mysterious world.

As LVMH of watches&jewelry ornaments company, it is of the world’s leading luxury goods part of the group. Dior has become the elite in this industry, especially the domestic leader in the watch industry, new product development ability, throughout the country there are a number of chain stores is to list the most size and strength of the brands. Using Dior¡¯s professional studio in order to ¡°creative fashion, the pursuit of quality” for the purpose as well as the lastest computer aided design, their engineers utilize their skills to design the top grade watches elaborately.

Dior¡¯s watches represent the symbol of the best elegance and style. In fact, if I have this style watch, I will believe that I can see the envious look in the other ‘s eyes. These watches will stand out from the crowd easily. They symbolize exquisite taste and graceful perfect balance. Therefore, Dior is my best brand to choose.

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10th December
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There are so many types of watches in the market for us to choose each year. Some of them are luxurious. Some of them are classic. Some of them are sporty. Some of them are advanced in technology. Different people have different opinions about these watches as they have different requirements to a watch. Some people just want to have a beautiful and elegant watch. Yet some want a functional watch with nice outlook. And most people want to have a fashionable watch today! I am a person who prefers a functional watch. Of course it is much better for such a watch to have a nice appearance.

The perfect watch in my heart does not need to be the one that is from the top watch brands. Yet it must be an impressive one. It can be a watch with sporty design as I love sports watch. The strap of the watch can be rubber or leather. I think rubber is better as the material for a sports watch. The color black and blue are great for the strap of a sporty designed watch. In order to make the watch looks elegant, it is better for it to have a round face.

With a sporty yet elegant designed, the watch has to be the one that is suitable to be worn for different occasions.

The sporty design makes it suitable for me to wear for doing sports. And the elegant look of the watch makes it suitable to be worn for parties. How about the functions?

Of course it must be good at telling time, I mean, accurate in telling time. This is the basic requirement of a good watch. It is better for such a watch to have the feature of water-resistance for about 50 meters in order to make the wearing of the watch more convenient.

Everybody has his or her dreamy watch. In fact, I think a fine watch does not have to be luxurious if it is a functional one. For me, a watch is for knowing the time, but not an accessory to show.

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5th December
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DeMonaco has created their latest watch offering-the Carre d’Or Squelette Tourbillon Minute Repeater which has been displayed at the Geneva Time Exhibition. And as DeMonaco has just finished the first of the limited 8 pieces, and the piece has been sold, the new watch will not be officially unveiled till the Baselworld2010. The watch is composed of Swiss-made parts and is assembled and finished in Monaco. It is reported that DeMonaco plans to develop, design and make their own movements.

The Carre d’Or Squelette Tourbillon Minute Repeater watch, sized at 46 by 50mm, comes with outstanding design and fantastic finishing. The case is done in 18k gold and has a titanium core. Beating inside is brand new TB-RM1 hand-wound movement with a tourbillon. The movement delivers 48-hour power reserve, and the tourbillon features the brand¡¯s signature bridge made of sapphire crystal. The movement manufacture is is a painstaking task especially when it comes to the tourbillon part. The mainplate, which is nicely cut to form the art deco style Roman numerals, can be clearly view vis the skeletonized dial. And there are diamond shaped hour markers that are made of titanium and fine polished. The hands are crafted from solid gold as well. The display case back further reveal the exquisite decoration of the movement. There are lots of little pyramids on it.

As the name suggests, the watch has another complex complication-minute repeater which is operated through the slide lever on the left side of the case. And DeMonaco has equipped with a big wooden amplifier to enlarge the minute repeater chimes. By the way, the finishing on the watch is all done by hands and is impressively beautiful. The price of the watch is estimated to be more than $100,000.

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5th December
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The legend of Ebel watches began from 1911 when a talented couple Eugene Blum and Alice Levy set up their Ebel Company. Under their mutual effort, the business of the company has been successfully enlarged. The superb quality as well as strict requirement on production yields both popularity of the company and the bulk orders from the world market.

It is in 1929 that Ebel Company gained rapid development as the participation of two young men. They are respectively the son the founder Chares Eugene Blum and a watch expert Marcel Reuche. A large number of orders from other top watch brands surged in for the accurate and reliable movement production. However, this is not the basic reason that causes the great popularity of Ebel. Personally, it is the complicated design and exquisite craftsmanship that make the company stand out from others.

In the following period, the renowned brand reached its top prosperity by the management of Pierre Alain Blum, the son of Eugene. At that time, it initially came with the sporty style, Ebel Sport Classic Collection which could a nice option sporty wearing. This kind of watch features ¡°Wave¡± bracelet in the market. Pierre Alain brought the brand to new level and formed the basis of fashionable design in future production. This outstanding leader took priority to create affordable watches of chic design for both men and women.

Currently, it is subordinated to the Movado group. Extraordinary re-workings of those high-end timepieces along with the mystical ¡°Architects of Time¡± bring the global orders and worldwide reputation.

In modern market, the original Ebel watches are highly priced. If you really have not enough money for such timepieces, why not try replica Ebel watches instead?

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5th December
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As one of the most popular top brands in the globe, Gucci products are well known for their elegant design and high quality. Usually, what I heard about most are its handbags, but this time it shocked me by the brand-new G-Frame series of wristwatches which can perfect interpret the feminine beauty.

Designed by Gucci design director, Frida Giannini, the brand-new G-Frame series of wristwatches pop out a feminine air of elegant and purity which are considered the emblem style of Gucci products. These timepieces are crafted from unique materials with exquisite workmanship and classic colors, suitable to be worn in daytime as well as at night. G-Frame wristwatch has a balanced beauty. Plus the exquisite design, women wearing such kinds of wristwatches are confident that they would become the spotlight of the public.

This kind of wristwatch is charming for the mirror-face dial, beautiful as well as delicate. The watch case is set in slim rectangle or exquisite square design. Sapphire glass with cone-shaped bevels enhances its elegance. The dial is accented by stick hands and personalized Gucci sign. The capital letter of Gucci, G, is popped out by the side watch crown which is used to adjust the hour and minute. From the classic colors to decorative precious gemstones, every detail of the unique wrist watch is approximately perfect.

Besides the classic black, there are still light brown, light pink and grey blue for selection. The colors of satin straps are attached to the dials of the same colors. Moreover, the series also come with the full-steel style which is finished with Gucci emblem bit buckle. For those luxurious styles, high quality diamonds are encrusted at the positions of 6 o’clock and 12 o’clock.

All in all, the brand-new G-Frame series of wristwatches are the combination of practical use, elegance and uniqueness. They feature exquisite and simple design, never out of date. The point is that they get a perfect balance between the modern graph art and classic and perpetual styles.

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