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27th February
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There are so many fashions paces around us in recent time, and slow several topics about fashion are spreading over a long time. from last century, there are some styles in fashion such as clothing and jewelries made a comeback trend.

Small patina earrings are so perfect in every important situations, But everyone wanted wear a bigger one which attaching some little piece of patina ring form earrings to attract the masses’ eyes, all these demand to be in ancient style and you can wear it all day and night

Women always took off big earrings in night because of the heavy weight

However, you will never worry about the same situation can occurred for this earrings cannot became heavy with a pair of patina earrings which weighted less.

Different trends of fashion styles are called by different, people never mind whether it is uncomfortable or not, but to follow new trend, once a new trend conformed, one should consider to choose a fit one to meet self needs. This little patina earrings are fit for every woman both in style and feeling, it can express your fashion.

Another important characteristic of this pair of earrings is that they can resist wearing-down if you obey the right steps of them; it means that they will never be curved. This is very helpful for women who favorite

In wearing jewelries, even some women wear them to go to sleep. Then they will lose one in floor or any corner of bedroom and find there is only one still in ear. It is a great artwork for women, no matter how long time you wear, they still be in perfect conditions.

Little patina earrings take backs your good feeling and show you better than ever, now, shouldn’t you choose a pair to wear? Open your jewelry box and put another new fashion earring in it.

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24th February
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Watch–the symbol of long and peaceful life, and is also a good choice to present love for your girl. A decent watch places a heart of sincerity, constancy and zeal. Then, why do we still wait? Let us go and check if you would learn something of choosing a watch after reading this article.

Before your action is taken, the most important thing you ought to consider is your girl’s character. We will start from the girls with open hearts. To those girls, life is always colorful and amazing. Your present should not be too dark-colored. Girls are sensitive creatures, whatever character they are featured, they all have an unusually greater sensation as they are touched with color, size, shape–those of which can hardly arouse boys’ spirit to pay attention, may be the very elements you should reckon. Meanwhile, those who have an apparent open-minded idea will not be unwilling to receive a surprise which, in a very degree, related to the inner desire of a young girl. As to the rest of them, of who mostly reserved just as an inward soul would displays, actually need more of an implicit giving than a splendid style. Therefore, you had better choose a fine watch in the name of some significance–the anniversary, for instance. One thing is for sure that, those girls, unlike the outgoing ones, entrust their love more to your intention rather than to your expenditure.

The age at which you are requires you to be a bit more reasonable than overwhelming as love gushing out. A student never will be able to afford a world-class watch, nor should he spend too much beyond his own limit. Choosing a watch with nice look and fine price comes more realistic to the majority.

Finally, be aware of the quality. Though necessary to think over the price, the use of the watch itself is also vital. Our suggestion is to choose a famous brand–those which are commonly known in your daily life such as CASIO.

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19th February
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From poor woodworker to famous leather designer, his whole life is full of legend, Louis Vuitton, the most prominent “big shot“ in France, creates a fashion kingdom-LV. Since that, his name has been a dream the world pursue. Until today, as a name and brand, LV still is the spokesman of handbag.
The Foundation and Development of LV
In 1821, Louis Vuitton was born in Franche-Comte of France, and his family was poverty. However, he was immersed in woodworking since young.
In 1835, Louis Vuitton left for Paris to make a living. At first, he worked as a carpenter in a plant. During his work, some rich women often purchased their bucket to hold clothes, but it was inconvenient to carry. And then he got to know it was necessary for people to find a new transport tool.
In 1852, Napoleon III ascended the throne, and Louis Vuitton was elected as a bundle for queen. By virtue of his sophisticated technology, Louis Vuitton began to design trip bag, which was LV.
In 1854, Louis Vuitton set up a manufactory to produce the first handbag-Louis Vuitton speedy 30. The kind of handbag, with finer shape and elegant color, was durable and facility, and sold-well in the first instance.
After that, Louis Vuitton continued to found branch stores in other cities, such as Paris, London, and New York. In 1996, Louis Vuitton joined in L.V.M.H group, which immensely expanded out his business space.
Now, besides of high-ranking bags, Louis Vuitton sets foot into the clothing, jewelry, watch and so on. Its business has occupied 70% of the whole group.
The Legend of LV
For a long time, there had been two legends on LV:
1.In 1911, a British luxury passenger liner sank the sea. A LV hard-bag was refloated from the bottom of sea, however, unexpectedly found no a little water in it. Just owing to it, LV received an unprecedented reputation.
2.Ten years ago, a house was on fire, most things in it were burned out, but these items in one LV Monogram Glace bag were intact, only the appearance was smoked black.
Whatever they are true or not, it is profitable for the marketing of LV.
The Trademark
Louis Vuitton died in 1892. After that, his son, George Vuitton took his enterprise into a higher level. With the boom of LV, plenty of counterfeits appeared in market, so George determined to create a distinctive trademark for his commodity. Finally, he chose the acronym of his father name-LV, with flower pattern as unique mark for LV. That was Monogram Canvas, which lasted over 150 years as the identification of LV.

The Monogram Canvas-the first face for LV will also be permanent. It is indispensable for whichever high taste and quality woman to keep a LV, which is full of legend with profound history. Absolutely, it is worth for you to own it.

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17th February
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PRADA has exclusive glass legs. Mirror legs can bend to obtain the maximum comfort. The design is upside down. The flat steel is light and bright. Nature color and other uniform colors create the latest Prada boutique. Today, Miuccia Prada in charge of Prada is Mario’s granddaughter. Prada Group takes control of Prada, Jil Sander, Helmut Lang, Church & Co and other brands.

In 1975, Mr. Jim Jannard created OAKLEY era. OAKLEY glasses’ subversion on the concept of glasses products is that it combines the glasses comfort, practicality and artistry. Both the product design and choice of materials, it takes a series of advanced scientific experiments and testing to ensure its comfort and high quality, and make unction and fashion integrate.

Judith Leiber
Hungarian fashion brand Judith Leibern is famous for the innovative and ingenious handbag design. In fact, the brand’s designer Judith Leiber launched sunglasses series back in 1946. The design concept is inspired by the handbag. He uses precious stones, crystals, agate and mother of pearl to piece together into different patterns, and presents to people with ornate style.

DONNA KARAN is currently leading well-known brand in the world. Hollywood International superstar Bruce. Willie, and Demi Moore couple are its clothing spokesperson, so its charm can be said unmatched. The pursuit of fashion and paying attention to personal taste are the best choice for mature modern people. Country of origin: United States; Producing countries: France, Japan; Series: eyewear, clothing, leather goods, ties, hats, jewelry and many other goods.

Yves Saint Laurent
Yves Saint Laurent, founder of Yves Saint Laurent was born in Algeria in 1936. YSL glasses draw design inspiration of Saint Laurent and infuse art, cultural diversity considerations into the glass design. From traditional to the simple style design, the line is gentle and appropriate, the model is modern and timely, and the color is gorgeous. It is the first choice for successful people for its stable and mature content.

Downer Karan
Downer Karan’s founder is a peaceful woman.Its glasses are trendy, delicacy and classical type. Cold metal and chic plastic are in keeping of ergonomic.Neat clean line is the core idea of dkny sunglasses. And hybrid material is also dkny’s preference.

Louis Vuitton
Louis Vuitton once launched functional sunglasses. The mirror is not only equipped with a high ultraviolet light protection coefficient, but also is fog-proof.The frame is so light that it will float on the surface even droppinf in the water. The price of about ten thousand, and it is more suitable for boys than girls. Louis Vuitton glasses are so expensive is not only because its fame and hand polished process, but the vague monogram totem.

Founder: Gabriellechanel Chanel; Registry: Paris, France (1913); Designer: Gabriellechanel. Each Chanel sunglass uses corrosion resistant plastic technical material with high hardness. The plate has lasting bright and rich colors. The lenses uses UV400 resin film,which can completely filter the sun’s ultraviolet light and care each user’s eyes.

Christian Dior
CD glasses has many styles and colors, and maps out colorful world in the eyes wth the the changeable and exaggerated styles. CD glasses reflects the avant-garde trends and personalities. The plastic sunglasses use CA plate material. CD frame design is compact,and has CD-specific wild taste.

Cartier sunglasses use technical plastic materials to strengthen the sense of depth and three-dimensional appearance. It wears a woman’s noble spirit and unique personality.Cartier metal frames are made of high nickel alloy,which is characterized by good elasticity,high hardness,solid weld and durable performance.

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13th February
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With the development of the society, going out for travelling is a best choice for people to relax themselves from the heavy pressures, which come from their work. When you enjoy yourselves in the beauty, you must take some photos for keeping the sweet memories and after that, you need some digital photo frames to decorate the nice photos.
There are many different kinds of digital frames with elegant, colorful shapes and with muti-function on the market. That will catch the attraction of the consumers. But as a sensible customer, how to choose a suitable digital photo frame has a little bit difficulties.
And now, I will introduce some skills to you for recommendation.
Firstly, it is better to choose a digital photo frame with widescreen and clear pictures. As we all know, the definition of the frames is very important for choosing the digital photo frames. The clearer the frame is, the happier we are.
Secondly, muti-function is another important element for choosing the digital photo frames. Generally speaking, a digital photo frame with muti-function is always the attracting point for consumers to pay attention to it. The digital photo frame with USB plunge connected with the functions of MP3, PC and etc. Just image it, when you are free, enjoy the transformation from the digital photo frames, while listening to the classic music. How enjoyable you are.
Thirdly, in addition, the price is also very important for choosing a digital photo frame. Some homemade digital photo frames with good qualities, conveniences are the good choices for many people. Some manufacturers create the mini remote control for the frames, if you own it; you can change the pictures in a little bit far distances instead of just staying in front of the computer.
All in all, to choose a good kind of digital photo frame depends on many aspects, such as characters, functions, prices, and so on. We should be a sensible consumer, to choose what we need and what we like; to choose the practical products and make sense of them.
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