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31st March
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Time is changing, and people’ idea is also changing. Nowadays, many people want to show themselves by their wear. For example, Lady Gaga is a good example. She just wears what she wants and doesn’t care about others. More, she wears bikini in public and challenges the high-heeled shoes without heels. Therefore, she has been the center of people’s attention. Actually, people like personal things very much in order to attract others’ eyes. Of course, weird hats have gained great popularity in the world, and these hats can make you stand out in the crowd. Then I will talk something about these hats.

When you have a look at these hats, you must be shocked by their odd looks. That’s right, and the hat designers want you to be surprised. To be true, these hats feature weird shapes and crazy looks, which can give others a great shock.

Sometimes, you see someone who wears the hat, and you can’t help having a close look at it in order to know what the hat really is. As a result, your eyes are frequently directed to the wearer. Actually, the wearer is happy to get your attention.

If you are going to attend a party or carvinal on this weekend, these hats are your best choice to get all eyes. For instance, you wear the hat whose shape is like a plate in an outside party. You can find that there is an apple, a mouse and a knife in the plate, which can make others eagerly touch them. The hat might help you make most new friends in the party. The plate hat is the best friend of you in a party.

What’s more, there are different types of these hats, such as a heart shape hat, or a weird shape that you can’t image. Now you just open your wide eyes, have a close look at them, and appreciate them.


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26th March
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Christmas will fall in a month,next 25th.It is time for me to send some Christmas gifts to my friends. The first one I can remember is my beloved boyfriend.I am thinking what kind of gifts will be good for my dear Jack.He is so fond of listening to music, then I hope that I can send him a Nokia 5630XM.Because I learnt it from the Internet it is more advantageous than other brands.It is installed with smart operating system, and it is quite light, only 83 grams, and it is also with high frequency processor and it is quite satisfactory. He is also interested in taking photos for me.

So I am considering that I send him a cell phone, capable of taking pictures more clearly, recording the places of interests we have visited and the happy moments we spent these years. He had one before we came to know each other. But it had broken when we climbed Taishan mountain last year. I felt sorry for that, because it was me who made him break the mobile phone sent as a gift by his dear mother, for congratulating on his success in graduating from the university. I promised to him that I would like to make it up, and it is the time. I like this one, OPPO U529. I learnt from the Internet that it is with high definition, more than 5 million pixel. Besides, it is said that it is also with the function of face recognition and electronic anti-shake. What is more, it is easy for operation.

When taking these functions and usages into account, then I feel it is really a good choice for him. But before all is settled, I will go to the big malls and have a thorough investigation and see if there are many more choices for my beloved boy.

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24th March
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Before you can say Jack Robinson, the annual Christmas is just around the corner. And people have to prepare gifts for their colleagues, friends, and relatives of necessity. It has come to light that gift-giving has turned into a kind of arts. Coming in a large variety of shapes, sizes, functions, and price levels, today’s commodities are very much easy to make you feel dazzled; even so, it’ss not difficult for you to make your purchase, and the challenge is to deliver your present in one’s pit of stomach; what’s more, the present should cost less but be more seemly. Then, what should we take as gifts for the coming Christmas? Don’t worry, let me dissect you everything.

Trappings, Shoes and Hats
With the approach of Christmas the weather turned colder, and to present others some common designer clothes for winter as well as some shoes and hats not only can prevent them from “shivering” when walking in the freezing streets but also can warm their hearts. Traditional though these presents are, they, actually, are useful and practical. And you can take some Chinese brands into consideration, like Li Ning or Anta which goes especially well with the students, and Septwolves or SevenBrand for older men, etc, cost-effective

Digital products
Digital products, without doubt, are good choices. As most people are equipped with at least one cell phone which is full functional, cell phones as well as mp3s and mp4s are not likely to be popular any more. More specifically, digital products are popular among people whose age varies from 15 to 35, and those people are mostly students and office workers. Therefore, you can choose to present them those that are related with and can help their studies or work, such as the electronic dictionary for students and USB flash disk for the white collar workers. Here, I recommend you the Aigo L8269 UDisk which is noted for thin and light external form. Anyhow, little fish are sweet.

We all know that food is the paramount necessity of the people and the way to one’s heart is through his stomach; therefore, to take your relatives and friends over the food court for a dinner is also a fine choice.

Books, Comics and CDs
What are the hottest books recently? What are the most pinup comics nowadays? And what are the most popular music and movies currently? Well, if your friends are fashionistas, why not take these as gifts to give the monkey exactly what they want.

In all ages, people are deemed to be those that are always fantasizing that they could receive valuable gifts, and truly they are. However, they wish to accept the givers ‘good faith better. Therefore, whether you are financially prosperous or not, pick out and purchase one heart and soul despite its price, and the receiver will feel your sincerity.

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20th March
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This is the most pupular sort of handbag named Birkin. As you can see, the bag is so tastful and beautiful that it is the favorite bag of.many giant people. Its designation is based on kelly bag of Hermes but better than it. It is very precious for its rare plus  material and perfect designation. To our surprise, It is hand-madec comepletely in order to ensur its quality. 

Birkin bag is famouse international handbag named from a france female singer by the president of Hermes. Birkin met the president of Hermes in the airport by accident in 1986, she inspired him ,so this president specialy design this bag for Birkin. Although Its designation is based on kelly bag, it is very different from kelly bag.

Bags represent people’s temperament..There is something noble about Birkin bags, so it is very popular among giant stars at home and abroad now . As we all know, WangFei and LiuTao are so crazy about Birkin bags and have all sorts of Birkin bags. Birkin bags have four kinds of size.The plus material is various.You have almost 90 kinds of rare leather material to choose from. Compared with Kelly bags,Birkin bags is casualer and easier. In order to ensure the quality, all the products are hand-made. Although it is very expensive, the production faltered. If you want to buy a Birkin bag, you should sign up first and you will be on the waiting list for one or two years, but everything is worthy. 

Look at the the birkin bag, its designation is very bardian. This colour is the most popular sort this year. So tastful it is. There is a sign of end time in each Birkin bag. It is so precious that every girl desires to own one Birkin bag.So be quick to make your move.


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17th March
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Since the birth of the Christmas over 1, 800 years ago, it has long been highly valued as one of the most significant festivals by people, especially by those from Christian countries. Customarily, on that day people greet each other and present gift with best wishes to each other. And the gifts are usually meaningful and valuable unlike those given in other festivals for Christmas is the most important period of time for a majority of the foreigners, which represents new hopes, endless love, and lofty belief. Therefore, people have been used to worrying about what presents they should give to their colleagues, friends, and relatives. As the 2010 Christmas is around the corner, the problem will plague people again. Some people believe it right to take the electronic products which are the most popular at present as gifts, which not only can express the giver’ s appreciation but also are practical for the receiver. This year, among so many kinds of electronic products, what will become hot is not very clear. However, it’ s not difficult to predict that the Ipad and the Walkman are second to none.
We all know that the big electronic products like computers become outdated so fast, not to mention the small ones. Ten years ago, one that was equipped with a mp3 did catch the latest fashion trends then. Today, however, owing a mp4 or even a mp5 is nothing new. Therefore, under the prerequisite that taking a desktop or a laptop as a gift is a little bit costly, one had better not choose mp3 partly for it is out of fashion and partly because most of the people have got at least one. Not all the electronic products behind the times are not appropriate to be taken as gifts, and some may bring the unimaginable effect, such as the Walkman which is produced in SONY, Japan. Early in the 1970s, the Walkman emerged and soon became popular across the globe. Recently, it will have to face the production halts for no one needs it any more. I doubt, however, that how much family have kept it as a treasure. Perhaps, it has been thrown away long before. Therefore, it must be amazing to take the Walkman as a gift for it contains the giver’ s creativity and thoughtful consideration. So I’ m convinced that it will be marketable before long.
This summer, with the Ipad coming into the market, it has taken the consumer electronics marketplace by storm. Not altogether incidentally, three hundred thousand Ipad were sold in its first 24 hours, from which we can see how popular it is, because of its fashionable external form, formidable and practical functions, and reasonable price Therefore, it will continue its rallying point in the coming Christmas, I believe.
We can see that both the Walkman and Ipad are extremes of the electronic products, the former is forgotten while the latter favoured by people. Perhaps, it is because of this, that both of them may become popular in this coming Christmas. After all, classics will never be substituted.

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13th March
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Yesterday my mother asked me to attend a wedding ceremony, I didn’t expect both the bride and bridegroom are my classmate in middle school, I was really happy to attend that ceremony because I think It was a wonderful and successful.

I should point out that when music signals the entrance of bridesmaid and then followed by the beautiful bride, which was really a beautiful moment. The wedding atmosphere was lively and active. After this wedding ceremony, I realize the importance of wedding music for a wedding reception.

We have got used to the Wedding March and this song has been recomposed to many different editions. Only Wedding March is not enough now. To make the wedding party more lively and active, you should prepare other songs. For a traditional wedding or a catholic wedding, classic music is the right one. For example, Groovy Kind of Love, Canon in D Major, The Prince if Denmark’s March, Here Comes the Bride, Angels Watching, The Water is Wide (or called The Gift of Love), Ode to Joy and Moonlight Sonata will be your best choices.

As for modern wedding parties, pop songs with lively rhythm will make the wedding delightful and joyful. I recommend the following pop songs and in which part these songs should appear.

Prelude songs: When the guests come in, prelude songs begin, Happy Together , Let’s Get It Started, That’s What Friends Are For and Walk This Way would be the songs prepared for welcoming your guests.

When the new couples come in and they are memorizing their love story, A Love So Beautiful, Because of You, Love is All Round, Sweet Dream, The Sweetest Day and The One You Love will turn the wedding atmosphere to a warm and happy situation.

During the wedding reception, From This Moment On, It Had To Be You, Against All Odds, As Long As You Love Me, The One You Love, The Power of The Love, When a Man Loves a Woman and You Have Been Loved show the deep love and determination of their marriage between bride and bridegroom.

Wedding March, of Course, will never been dated, and except this song, the Perfect Moment also symbolizes the nice marriage. With right wedding music, every guest will enjoy the ceremony.

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10th March
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Hi girls, as the approach of summer, do you prepared the perfect outfit to go through this romantic season? If you are not, come and have a peek at the Antik Batik outfit collections in this year. Hope you enjoy the show.
The colors of Antik Batik collections in this season follow the main color trend in this summer. The cheerful land bright shades of these outfits will enhance you with stylish and fabulous look. Antik Batik in this season introduces a series of new designs of outfits which contain cute outfits, sexy dresses or some urban feel of clothes. All these new pieces can apply to different styles of girls according to their ages. What’s more, the versatile shades of the pieces also offer girls many options for their warm summer.
No matter the designs or the colors, Antik Batik brings us an eye feast in this romantic summer. The breezy blouses, ruffled skirts and silky shorts are all amazing accessories for girls to own this summer time. Try to think of wearing a piece of Antik Batik collections and enjoy the kiss of sea wind in sunny days, how romantic and joyful that is!
So girls, if you don’t have a perfect outfit and you also don’t know what to wear in this summer days, welcome you accept my advices and hope you have a romantic and forgettable summer!
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6th March
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For upcoming spring summer 2011 eyewear, many brands have launched their advertisements. So does Tom Ford.  And it chooses supermodel Abbey Lee Kershaw tobe actress in its upcoming spring summer 2011 eyewear advertisement. When you see its advertorial pictures come from Tom Ford Eyewear ss 2011 ad campaign, you must feel that Tom Ford’s new sunglasses for this season is irresistible. And Abbey plays an important role to express the senses Tom Ford eyewear want to deliver.

In the picture, Abbey Lee Kershaw delivers an unbelievably retro glamorous with exquisite makeup in sexy black dress. These photos are photographed by Tom Ford himself. Also the man next to Abbey Lee Kershaw fully expresses masculine feature which contrast the glamor of Abbey.



Well, the male model wears a pair of ordinary sized shade but Abbey wears a pair of over-sized sunglasses – so gigantic lenses I think in my first sight. We cannot figure out why Tom Ford adopts to use such huge lenses to cover the lady’s face.  It is said that his actions is a statement of his attitudes toward women. However, we can conclude that Tom Ford achieve his goals – drawing attention to his new sunglasses as much as possible.

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2nd March
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LV ipad cover

If you have an iPad, how would you use it? Just imagine that you put your body in the sofa with your feet on the tea table and have a journey on the internet with the iPad in your hands. What a wonderful and fashion life! As a matter of fact, iPad is really an important part in the world of fashion.  To have fun with iPad, you can just use your figures but not type on the keyboard. Therefore, it is fundamentally different from computer and notebook. Apart from the reading room, you can use it in the living room, bedroom and the bathroom. Thus, it needs more style and personality than computers.

Now it comes to how to make your iPad fashionable. It’s a good idea to buy some beautiful and fashion covers for it. There are numbers of iPad covers in the market made by many famous brands. To choose a suitable iPad cover, I like to consider from three aspects like buying a cell phone. They are the style, convenience, and function. The style is the most important part, and convenience is also necessary. As for function, I think the better one should have few functions.

IPad covers can be divided into two categories. One is the envelop model. The other is book cover model. The envelop model iPad cover is so simple in function that you just take your iPad out from it and then use it while you can use the iPad with the book cover model on it. Both of them are wonderful, and you can choose according to your interest.

Let’s have a look at the envelop model iPad cover. What I like most ii this Alaia iPad cover, which is Delicate and beautiful and has the same effect as handbags when you holding it. Besides, luxury brand like Louis Vuitton  and Gucci also designed some simple covers that also seem good.

Alaia iPad cover

Dooney & Bourke ipad cover  Dooney & Bourke different colors iapd coverMulberry ipad cover Mulberry iapd cover for men

Ferragamo ipad cover

Marc my Marc Jacobs ipad cover 

Then, let’s look the book cover model. Some of them are really like book cover that you can open it at any time. Some of them have zipper. From my point of view, I like the latter one, which brings more protection and a feeling of safety. However, the book cover model is less than the envelop model in the market. There are still some classical sets of book cover iPad cover like Tory Burch and Rebecca Minkoff, which shoes the luxury and personality with leather.Tory Burch  ipad coverTory Burch  ipad coverRebecca Minkoff ipad coverRebecca Minkoff ipad coverDior Homme ipad cover for menapple ipad coverChanel ipad cover

Burberry ipad coverYSL ipad cover 

Which one do you like best?

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