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28th April
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Not willing to fall behind any trend in the fashion world, the true fashionistas will never let go a single detail and they always keep striving for perfection and that should be the spirit of fashion. But when we talk about fashion, there must still be some ladies who just pay most of their attention to their cloths. But now it’s time to accept that all of that labor will probably be in vain if they do not do well in the area of fashion accessories, since they are playing a rather important role in completing a style. But as for accessories, usually the things that most often come to our mind are ornaments like the jewelries, watches, bags, hair decoration and so οn. But there is a detail that usually gets ignored by people — the belt, which, if matched well, can become a very charming and powerful weapon to get you much more fascination. And belts can be worn all the year round.

Belts can do well in accenting your slim figure. Because almost all outwears appear to be a little loose when they are worn. Then the thin waist οf a woman will be covered inside. If you want to look slimmer, then you can wear a belt to highlight the outline οf the waist. A best example is wearing a fur vest with a wide black belt, which can make you look very luxurious and trendy. And another amazing thing about the belt lies in its ability to raise your waist line to make the lower half of your body look longer, which is good news to the people who are longing for long legs but can not make it physiologically.

However, belts can be dangerous, since it is pretty easy to do it wrong, then the belt may be going to screw up your whole style. So there are some principles for you to follow when you decide to wear a belt.

Make sure that your outfit should be simple if you’d like to use a belt. Because equipping a complicated outfit with a belt, the whole style will be rather miscellaneous and it will lead to a mess.

Another point you should pay much attention to is that, to make it proper, the belt has to go well with your shoes. That’s a way to ensure the harmony, and it has proved to be very effective.

Thus if you follow the guidelines, then the belt can surely become your weapon, which gets you nothing but the victories over other girls. Designer belts will be a good choice, but I know that not many people will be willing to spent that much money on just a belt, and that’s why now more and more people are going for the replica branded belts, which look just exactly the same as the original pieces but cost much less.

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24th April
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The moment when I stood in front of my husband in the church, wearing this wedding gown, I really felt I’m the most beautiful and happiest bride in the world.
I love this wedding gown. I chose it at my first sight. I told myself that’s the wedding gown I had dreamt of. Her style of A-line princess dress and floor length shape a kind of elegant temperament. Sleeveless, strapless design and silky satin make me so comfortable. Moreover the sweetheart-neck looks young and cute. What attracts me most? Absolutely it’s the hyperfine embroidery with silver grey silk thread. Before that moment when I saw it, I loved dresses with lace, bead or sequins. But now, I finally realize those decorations are too normal. Only embroidery can set the temperament of grace. The embroidery could never be more fantastic!
When I was standing in the church, hand in hand with my dear husband, I was full of confidence and happiness because of this wedding gown. It made me feel that I was a princess, surrounding with a large amount of flowers, my husband and I would get all the blessing from people all over the world. All my friends said I had chosen the right wedding gown. They said it suits my temperament. The whole effect is so great. Even my mother said she wanted to remarry my father so that she could also wear such a fantastic wedding gown. Yesterday, my husband told me, when we were in the church, he completely lost himself in my attractive look. He said he never imagined I would become so beautiful after wearing the wedding gown. He said it is the fantastic wedding gown that shows my most attractive look to him. To be frank, this was my first time to hear my husband speaking so highly of me. I was rather happy, crazily happy.
I love this special wedding gown. Yes! I love it. Thanks to it, I can have an unforgettable wedding. Thanks to it, I can be the most attractive bride in my husband’s heart. Thanks to the designer, you are really a wonder.

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21st April
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I have introduced two styles jewelry of Piaget’s Limelight Garden Party Series. And the series jewelry also focuses on the nature garland that is a flower cluster.

Limelight Garden Party Diamond Garland Necklace

Platinum is made into round brackets that are inlaid tiny diamonds, and also make flowers shapes. Diamonds are intersected with each other and are decorated by emeralds. There are 4 oval shaped emeralds in the center of flowers.

There is another necklace in the series. It is in thin branch shape that is made by fine platinum. Diamonds are inlaid into the oval shaped leaves so that make a glittering leaves. Besides, the branch is in natural sway form that reflects how vivid it is made. The necklace is suitable to your décolletage dresses because of its long branch.

Limelight Garden Party Diamond Garland Earring

The platinum earring is a good pair with the former necklace. It makes flowers shapes that inlaid emeralds and diamonds on the pin. The most exquisite design is that the tiny diamonds are inlaid into the edge of flowers. Without supreme skill, no one can forge it.



The swaying leaves shapes make a mellow style so that is suitable to the gentle women. It is said that there are 90 round diamonds weigh 5.55 carat. Do, it is really a luxurious decoration for you. But it is worthy to possess, because it can make you charming and elegant.

Limelight Garden Party Diamond Garland Ring

The ring is in an irregular form out of decoration of oval-shaped emeralds. Platinum and diamonds make a broad band that is in hollowed design. The leaves-shaped emeralds are inlaid in the diamonds freely so as to make a natural effect. If you want to wear the ring, you can match it with its same style necklace that gives you a feeling of stylish and natural.

Limelight Garden Party Diamond Garland Wristwatch

The wristwatch is in a unique leaf shape. Watch dial is made by platinum and inlaid tiny diamonds on its face. There is a delicate chain intersected by leaf-shaped emeralds and round diamonds near the watch’s ears.  Watchband is made by black silk. There is another one wristwatch that is in the same design, while its chain is only made by diamonds. So, there are two choices for you. If you like pure color, watch in diamonds chain is suitable for you.




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16th April
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If you suffer from the problems of clothes’ collation in front of a mirror every morning and still cannot find a suitable one for you to wear, then I advise you to wear a pure white T– shirt.

In the spring of 2011, white color sweeps over fashion field again. Do not look down upon the corny white T– shirt. White, which seems graceful, is used to show a kind of dynamic style, As Coco Chanel, a famous fashion master, has said that white never die. It is a necessity of those European superstars, whether you are a female or not and a tall one or not, it can easily match with others. As long as you choose the right style, you can become a star and lead the street fashion as well.

Audrina Patridg ‘s inclined shoulder white T– shirt not only can show her sexy figure but also seem very fashionable.

Ashlee Simpson chooses quite loose white T– shirt with V neckline to show his face is thin enough.

Emily Blunt wears ashy suit and white vest, these makes her look fresh.

Rachel Bilson matches sports clothes and white T– shirt, this kind of collation makes us feel comfortable.

This kind of dressing is Nicky Hilton’s favorite outfit.

Nicole Richie wear white T– shirt, black waistcoat, leopard scarf, please try.


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14th April
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Being as same as some black or dark color dresses, the black high-heels shoes are always treated to be the main equipment in ladies’ wardrobes because they are easily to match with many other various dresses. Women’s high-heels shoes have many colors and styles in recent fashion field recent years, however the black shoes are fit to wear all over the four seasons. Most people think that white outfit just fit for certain time or seasons, so black is a better one.

It is a great function that black high-heels shoes can be worn with office dress or some other formal clothes, and even jeans. The black shoes can mix all other dress together in a perfect way, than when you shoes are attached black high heels, they will be another style which is same as others to buy in shop.

Every lady need to buy one pair of black high-heels shoes, it not a necessary to buy one or two pairs of other styles black shoes to prepare for urgent need. There is no certain design for individual lady but fit one, which heels you need to have depends on your favorite. Different materials also should be considered when you want to buy.

Once you wear a new dress, there is no worry about the matching shoes, the black one is ok, and also, when you want to buy new fashion cloth, you can wear your black shoes to select your dresses. The most important reason to have black shoes for you is that black color is never go out of date, it can follow any fashion trend in every season.

Black shoes will become a must be in your wardrobe fro women, no matter you are in working or in daily life, they are outstanding.


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10th April
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In Ireland,there is a special kind of rings named Claddagh which is an important possession in cultural heritage of Ireland. Claddagh rings are supplied in many kinds of materials, but the unique shape is a heart which was round by two hands and there stands a crown on the top. It means “let love control the world” so poetic a meaning has kept a legend about a piece ring for more than 400 years in Ireland.

The definition of Claddagh
Being round by two hands and there stands a crown on the top, it represents that “with my hands I give you my heart, and crown it with my love”, there is another meaning “let love and friendship reign forever”. Because of these meanings, people in Ireland like to carving words “love, friendship, loyalty” on the surface of souvenirs and rings.

The origin of Claddagh
Claddagh ring was found in Claddagh, a fishing village which was lying out the ancient wall of Galway in 17 century. The ring story has kept for 400 years.
Following is the most believable one story.There was a man named Robert Joyce, he went to the west Indies to work where was far away from home and he planned to marry with his lover after he back home, unfortunately, his boat stranded and he was sold to a goldsmith goldsmith as slaves, then  he followed his lord went to Algiers city and learnt some skills. After William successes to the throne, he ordered to release all prisoners, the goldsmith was appreciate Robert Joyce and Promised to give his daughter and half of the house to him only if he agree to stay here, but Joyce refused him.
Then he came back home and sent beautiful ring he produced to his lover and they married latter.

Heritage of Claddagh factors
In Alchemy Gothic products, there is a piece of Claddagh ring, because it contains gothic elements in which the designer may consider this, and there is no heart surrounded by hands, but turned into a rose, we can treat as exaggerationt.

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7th April
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The relationship between shoes and women is just like the relationship between the couples. A pair of quality shoes is the base of fashion. There is a problem that your beloved shoes can not avoid becoming worn. Since you can not avoid that, you can prolong the life of your shoes through meticulous care protect. Taking care of a pair of shoes needs patience which is similar to taking care of a relationship. I have some suggestions as followed.
If your shoes are plastic soles, the first thing you should do is to change the plastic soles to rubber soles which are antiskid and can extend the life of your shoes. What is more, new shoes are not dressed, so you need to paint them with shoe polish. These are the most important steps which have a great influence on the aging speed.

As we know that shoes are easy to become dirty when it is raining, then taking care of the shoes when they are wet is very important. First, we should absorb water with soft cloth. Then polish the shoes carefully, avoid by all means is never using excessive strength because it may be broken. At last, put it put it on a cool and dry place until they are dry.

There is a proverb that you cannot make bricks without straw. Thus, you have to prepare some essential tools such as shoe brushes which had better be horsehair, detergent oil, shoe polish, cloth, waterproof atomizing and so on.
Now I will tell you the steps to brush shoes in detail. First, brush the whole shoes whit the bigger brush until there is no dirt. Second, get rid of the small dust particles with the smaller brush. Third, polish the shoes with cloth. Last, spout some waterproof atomizing. Thus far, your shoes are as new as the new bought shoes.

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3rd April
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With the steps of Christmas drawing near, more and more boys rack their brains to think out a wonderful present for this red-letter day to show to their sweethear, imagining how her beautiful eyes would sparkle when the wrap is unfolded. And here I strongly recommend a pair of high-heeled shoes as your best choice.
Viewing from above, the world will become more beautiful, and in the higher places, the air would seem to become fresher, while this so-called “higher” is just no more than a few centimeters. These are just some reasons given by the busybody for the women’s addiction to high-heeled shoes. These claims don’t matter to a woman really taken to high-heeled shoes, for they do not care about geographical or physical concepts, their beautiful and fresh appearance is what they want to get from the high-heeled shoes.

The one pair after another pair of high-heeled shoes belonging to the woman character Carrie in Sex and City make my heart beat faster than ever at the sight of the dazzling high heels. Some people say, Carrie’s Manolo blahnik high-heels nearly become the mainstream line leading the drama, the pursuit of the patterns of shoes runs even faster than the pursuit of the episodes itself. It is just the one after another pairs of high-heels that make Carrie more imbued with the feminine qualities. I like one of her sayings very much, “ Standing on high-heels, I can see the whole world”.

Yes, if there is anything in the world that is most representative of woman, I think it is high-heels. The feelings of a woman towards high-heels, commonly said, are a sense of love, sometimes even to the point of obsession. Maybe most girls have the experience of secretly trying out their mothers or somebody else’s high-heels. That kind of excitement, the feeling of suddenly growing up, intentionally giving an enchanting demeanor and expression in imitation of the adults’ way, have been imprinted in the depth of every women’s memory, and the temptation of high-heels has since then taken root in the hearts of young girls. The day when she wears the high-heels for the first time often symbolizes the transition from a young girl into a mature woman.
There is a slogan that goes: if you are a fashion seeker, if you are a lover of life, if you are a person in good taste, if you are a worshiper for art, if you are a talent full of originalities, please enter into this fascinating castle of high-heels, which expresses the women’s longing and pursuit for the high-heels to the full. Women may probably set forth ten thousand reasons for their love for high-heels, however, even one million reasons could be boided down to one reason: the high-heels make a woman more like a woman.
Then it is not difficult to understand the reason why women nourish such a fascination with high-heels, even to the extent of losing themselves in front of them. Because every woman has a dream in mind, that is, to become the focus of the world with all the eyes fixed on her, as well as on the high-heels in her feet which serves to set off her noble spirit.
And women’s fascination with the high-heels is often associated with their pursuit of love. When seeing beautiful shoes on the shelf, women would invariably feel a lack of a pair of stylish shoes in vogue. As to the high-heels, every woman holds a private fondness, and a forever unquenchable appetite, just like women’s perseverence in their love. Once hearing a woman tell a story about herself: when asked whether she would commit herself to a man just because of a pair of high-heels, she said yes. If a man gives her her favorite shoes, it proves that he want her to own the best beauty in world;to cherish the beautiful high-heels is to cherish the beautiful love, being endowed with the happiness beyond description.

Some people may say that wearing high-heels will do harm to your health; this is nothing short of advicing the women in love: alert, falling in love would make you hurt. Women wouldn’t care a damn about this, and they fully enjoy all that high-heels and love bring to them: they persistently dedicate themselves to the love and pain during the course, and meanwhile reap their elation.

High-heels, enable the women to dance at fashion’s fingertips, regardless of youth or twilight years.

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