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29th May
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Trust of the historical heritage in classical Greece and Rome, and thanks for the memories with the charm of art in Renaissance.Italy’s top luxury good group BVLGARI, in its brilliant chapter for up to 125 years. Looking back the past repeatedly, captures the essence mining. Hundreds years of tradition makes all kinds of BVLGARI bright colorful jewelry becomes a collection of competing objects between Aristocratic elite. Its distinguished magnanimity among solemn and quiet. Inherit Italian classic accessories design, and loyal to exquisite craftsmanship.

For its new approach to fashion, we tailored exclusive products for the distinguished guest. Lead the fashion trend and Setting the benchmark of luxury.perfect the female’s charming elegance.

In 1997, BVLGARI introduces the first series of glasses. and then introduced a variety of optical glasses and sunglasses series.

A special edition sunglass add charming for the season’s accessories. The crystal at the convergence of wire and hinge pin constitutes a circular design. Inspired from a diamond necklace of BVLGARI series.

Serpenti means “snake” in italian, it symbolizes strength, regeneration and eternal. It has been a permanent theme of jewelry design since the the greek era. also the simbol of enduring in the history of BVLGARI. Vividly flash on the in accessories design, In this season. Be moist by crystal and enamel, decorated with cellulose acetate and polishing metal wire feet.And more accessories and fine jewelry design is also echoed each other ,with the same strain.

Parentesi series sunglass inspired from the iconic design of the mouth of joint Daqi in the Roman street. Adding points of elegance to the acetic acid resin base wire. Multiple color styles,including classic black, tobacco, gray, brown and the new honey color. Using the polished surface of silky smooth.

zero1 series, the BVLGARI jewelry series sweeping the world. The classic spiral shape applied in the accessories series unpredentedly. contain the Acetate Frame embeded round lenses — the Dazzling Semi-circular crystal embeded in the gold frame, reproduce the historical pattern with the jewelry series of same name.

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26th May
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The Louboutin Ankle boots attract a great number of celebrities, such as Ciara, Alexa Chung, Keri Hilson and Audrina Patridge. They always wear Christian Louboutin shoes so that they know no matter how high those heels are, these shoes are very comfortable. If you have enough budgets, try Christian Louboutin high heels. They are really wonderful.


Frankly speaking, only a small amount of Gucci shoes cause quite a stir each season because the powerful competitors. But, this pair of peep-toes by Gucci actually catches my attention with killing height and sleek design. At the same time, a lot of celebrities fall in love with the shoes, such as Lindsay Lohan, Mariah Carey, Alessandra Ambrosio and Leighton Meester.


Balmain shoes are always popular with most celebrities because of the jeweled crystal-embellished high heels. There is another pair of Balmain gladiator sandals. Lindsay Lohan wears the sandals in cold winter, which shows their practicality and charm.


Do you find that the rivet and zipper are the fashion trend in this season? The best example is Balmain zipped ankle boots which are made of suede and come with fine decoration. If you are a rock fan, you must fall in love with these shoes. Most celebrities like these shoes very much, such as Lindsay Lohan, Khloe Kardashian and Fergie.


The strange shoes feature sandglass-shaped heels. Leigeton and Victoria Beckham once wore the Louis Vuitton sandglass high heels at the same event. These shoes are loved by Chiling Lin and Katy Perry.

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22nd May
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Phone is a needful thing to everyone. All of you use it to contact your family or your friends. In a word, it is so important in our daily life. You will feel uneasy without it. So, everyone has a phone. But sometimes you will feel it is not convenient to hold the phone. You will put it in your bag, but maybe you will miss some important calls. In order to solve these problem, you are always looking for a thing to meet this demand. Yes, that is strap. A beautiful thing you use to hold your phone. It can be worn hanging round your neck and it is really convenient to do that. You can miss your calls and do not need to worry about thieves. Your phone will become more attractive at the same time.


First, for girls. You girls always like colorful things, strap is no exception. There are many kinds for you to choose according to you phone’s feature such as its color, its shape and its size. If your phone is in light color then you need one in dark color such as red, or purple. They will match each other very well.


Second, for boys. As a boy, maybe you will like ones without pattern of flowers or other things. They prefer black and white. If you have the same opinion with me, then you can not miss those shown below. Just have a look.



You can choose one for you or your girlfriend as a gift for her birthday. Your girl will think you are so considerate to do that and love you more that before. I am quite sure, strap is a good thing for your phone. Do you agree with me? Now, just get one at once without hesitation because it is so cheap and useful.

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19th May
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In the past, there were no machines to make shoes. As a result many people could only wear the shoes made by hand. Later on, with the development of technology, there were more and more shoes made by machine. Nowadays, many nostalgic people begin to love the traditional handmade shoes again. Although many machine made shoes are very beautiful and fashionable, there are still many good features that only handmade shoes particularly own but machine made shoes will never have.

In comparison with machine made shoes, handmade shoes are much more durable due to exquisite handwork. The modern shoes are most made in large bulk by production line. Of course, these shoes can be made at tremendous speed in very short time, but their quality is no better than the handmade shoes at all.

In addition, handmade shoes are much more comfortable to wear. You can walk with them for a long time without hurting your feet. Most machine made shoes may make your feet painful when you wear them for quite a long time. As machine shoes are made in large bulk according to just a few sizes, so it would be difficult to find a pair of suitable shoes in a short time.

It is really an exciting thing to have something unique for a person. Most people will buy many goods which are familiar with those of others’ at last. Handmade shoes are designed uniquely, you don’t need to worry that you wear the same shoes with other people around you. Every pair of shoes is a unique one. You may have seen other people’s clothes, shoes or any other things which are familiar or even exactly the same with yours. It is really a strange or an embarrassing thing.

As there are so many advantages of handmade shoes, the prices of these good quality shoes are much higher than other usual shoes. When you want to buy a pair of handmade shoes, you should think over your budget first.

At last, the quality of handmade can also be an important factor. A good craftsman can always make high quality shoes.
In the end, before you buy a pair of delicate handmade shoes, you should take all the important factors mentioned above into consideration.



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15th May
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A pair of high heels means a lot to women. No matter how ordinary a woman is, she wants to have a pair of beautiful high heels in her wardrobe. I admit that those who wear high heels look really gorgeous to a great extent. However, there are lots of high heels that flood the shoes market, how to choose one perfect pair of high heels is really essential. Today I will show you some basic tips on how to choose a perfect pair of high heels, hope they can help you a lot.

The first thing you should consider is the style and color of the heels. You may feel confused when face with versatile kinds of high heels, believe me, just listen the voice that comes from your heart. Try to choose one style that is in accordance with your personality and the color that suits to your style.

The second thing you should take into consideration is that whether the shoes have enough room for your feet to breathe or not. The easy way for women to do this is to wear the shoes and to see if the shoes are comfortable or not. If you feel a little tight about the shoes, you’d better choose another pair of shoes.

If you are a person who cannot wear stilettos, I strongly advise you to choose shoes which have thick heels. If you stick to wear stilettos, you should not wear them for a long time for they will do bad effect to your health.

The last tip sounds maybe strange to you. You can buy your high heels at the end of the day, for at that time will expand and thus you can choose your comfortable shoes in an easy way. If you don’t have buy shoes like this, you can have a try on this method next time.

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12th May
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Nowadays, the GPS Navigator has been widely used with more and more people buying cars. GPS units for cars are devices that receive and decode signals from a network of satellites that allow you to determine where you are and how to get to a particular destination. Despite the traditional function of showing directions, more abundent features are added in the devices. If you are a car owner, it’s essential for you to buy a GPS Navigator. The following are a list of powerful reasons to buy a GPS Navigator.

First, the GPS Navigator can be used to show driving routes. For someone who travels a lot, GPS is practical with the function of providing you with the shortest routes. Just plug in the address, you can avoid getting lost in an unfamiliar place and get to the destination in a safe way.
Second, you can save money and fuel by knowing the fuel consumption and prices displayed on the GPS Navigator.
Third, the feature of photo navigation. Since a cellphone or camera that are buil-in with GPS receiver can record the location data of the photo it takes, you can easily find the place by transfering the photo into the GPS.
Then, some GPS devices support the Bluetooth technology which can be used to make reservations for dinner by telephone. Besides, the alarm system makes your driving more safely by reminding you when to take turns and which road is forbidden to drive on.
The last, other functions. When you are waiting for people or just getting tired, there are many things for you to do. At this moment, the GPS Navigator is more like a multi-media player. Most of the GPS today support mp3 and mp4 play, making it available to listen to the music and watch movies. Picking up the radio programmes through FM receiver can help you drive away the boring time. Besides, watching the CMMB TV, playing the games and reading E-books can also be good choices for rest and relaxation.
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7th May
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Choose, phones in high imitation.

Copy cell phones refer those cell phones which are produced as the same as brand cell phones in design. However, compared with brand cell phones, copy ones have inferior quality though the prices are much cheaper. When it comes to copy cell phones, many people often connect them with poor quality, defective functions and annoying after-sale service. Actually, if you are a connoisseur for copy cell phones or know much about them, buying a copy cell phone with great quality as well as low price is not a difficult job.
As for copy cell phones, some are with poor quality while some can make consumers satisfied and that is why some copy ones are sold in cheap price while some are still expensive in people’s mind. In fact, copy cell phones in great quality are manufactured by big factories which provide OEM service for those famous companies so they possess advanced equipment and technology. As these big factories do not have orders for processing, they often produce some copy ones to sell in the market.

In such circumstance, the quality of copy cell phones can match by that of real brand ones. So when selecting copy cell phones, consumers had better know well about producers. In addition, after-sale service is another factor people ought to consider for copy cell phones selection. Generally speaking, big factories offer one-year guarantee for free if breakage is not caused by artificial factors. On the contrary, many small factories which also sell copy cell phones always try their best to cheat consumers and do not offer explicit after-sale service clauses. When people decide to buy copy cell phones, Internet shopping is not a wise choice and consumers ought to go to real shops with large scale to check products carefully.
Anyhow, choosing a satisfactory copy cell phone is not difficult. But when some sellers offer you copy ones in very cheap price, you should think before you leap.

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4th May
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Step 1 Select the most worthy of the precious metal for diamonds
Platinum is one of the rarest valuable metal in the world and limits in production, it represent forever for its pure and rare quality, we can explore rare platinum seldom in few places over in the world. Only this rare valuable metal can be collocate with diamond to create your perfect wedding rings. Pure nature bright light can supply you bright light with diamonds, platinum and diamond form a contrast and perfect reflect each other. Also they have top precious quality, also represent eternity acme, platinum and diamond deduce to get perfect tacit understanding, they become the best witness for eternal promise, as time goes by, they still luster unabated, and keep constant.

Step2 Choose the most perfect diamond ring stage
Majority people think that the hardest metal can be the perfect choice to inlay diamond, it is not, and Mosaic is a complex process and has a high demand for technique, so whether a diamond inlays tightly is not determined by the hard level of metals. Platinum due to its excellent toughness, it is not easy to break and wear, so the more qualified for various complex delicate inlaying techniques provide better protection for diamonds, at the same time, platinum can keep steady quality in any extreme environment, good toughness and ductility can tightly firm the inlaid diamond and protect the diamond. Top brands wedding rings all inlay diamonds on platinum. I believe that brides all hope the love symbol can be forever as platinum.

Step 3 to recognize “real platinum”
The most direct method to distinguish platinum and other white metal is seeking the exclusive sigh of platinum; also we can call it as the Id card of platinum. According to the regulation, in the back or above of each piece of platinum jewelry ring must be engraved with any of the following a special symbol – platinum, platinic gold, platinum or Pt, and in logo must be with the following platinum purity (platinum-based quantity) indicate Pt900 (representative – platinum platinum-based quantity 900 ‰), platinum Pt950 (representative platinum-based quantity 950 ‰), foot platinum Pt990 (representative platinum-based quantity 990 ‰), 1000 feet Pt999 (platinum representing platinum-based quantity 999 ‰), recognize this line of tiny logo can bring you platinum quality guarantee.

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1st May
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Women naturally love beauties, and although their closets are heaped with clothes, they always feel there is a lack of jewelry, love is no less than fashion, whether diamond and pearl, ruby or sapphire, all women’s favorite. In the 83th annual Academy Awards red carpet, each star collocate jewelry magnificently and demonstrate diamond for women, jewelry can offer powerful beauty and many brands have released their new products, the launch of new jewelry for female people relaxes outlines of new season popular trend of the jewelry, whether exaggerated, or delicate, we believe that there is always a paragraph can evoke your possessiveness

Exaggerated for beauty

Exaggerated jewelry is loved more and more easily, it can reflect a kind of wild atmospheric temperament, so each brand bracelets and ring design is more lenient. In addition, earrings also become the bigger beauty on the red carpet at the academy, FOREVERMARK SHERAWAT gold earrings is the best example which is chose MALLIKA.

A perfect pair

Miss COCO CHANEL like pearl ornament, round pearls can giving women more attractive temperament. So in CHANEL, pearl is a basic element in jewelry, of course, like CARTIER, BOUCHEROW COUTURE, the brand such as the faithful is the fan of pearls.

Animal inspiration

Famous jewelry brand CARTIER like to take animals as inspiration, such as famous cheetahs series is one of the classic jewelry, Chopin stylist celebrates the 150th anniversary of the brand, last year they also once designed for 150 pieces inspired by animals, senior jewelry is put into fashion tide of animal jewelry again, butterfly, small bee, dragon and lion, peacock, etc are beloved animals all are their inspiration.

Careful cabinet

As the saying goes, turnip and cabbage have different followers, some people like exaggerated martini, but there are quite a few people like small and delicate piece, such as Oscar NATALIE PORTMAN and UMA Thurman, Sandra Bullock and other star in attendance Oscar when the red carpet just choose the thin bracelets and necklace, and some small ear nails, etc, they all draw attentions.

Spring brightness

Being more and more closer to the steps of spring, all kinds of flowers in bloom, and jewelry will be inspired by flowers for designers design works, has also brought us a breath of spring. Diamonds and rubies or sapphire enchase together, constitute a flower shapes, spring will remain forever in our wrists or finger-tips.


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