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30th March
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The Portuguese Yacht Club Chronograph watch of IWC had been released several years, but recently or more precisely, last year, IWC acclaimed that there is a new version to join in this collection. And when I saw it, I immediately regarded it as the best looking model of this collection. I mean, the collection is not bad, but this model this time is featured in an even more sporty skin and more eye-catching. The rear of the watch was engraved with “Volvo Ocean Race 2011-2012” on the back for we all know that IWC Portuguese replica is the officially watch brand for the boat race events and even the official sponsor of the Abu Dhabi Ocean Racing Team.


The titanium case and the carbon fiber dial of the watch perfectly combined together and sending out the feeling that it is the second-to-none accessory that fitting with the high-end racing boats. The performance machines operate to help the capable sailors and seconds count when the race is ready to start. While the watch is not a traditional regatta timer, the first 10 minutes of the chronograph counter are specially colored to help with calculating how much time before the race stars. Though I’m pretty sure that most of these watches will go on the wrists of non-sailors who admire their work, the functions that can help sailing have no compromise at all. The watch case is 45.4mm wide and made in titanium. The sapphire crystal protects it and the watch is water resistant to 60 meters.

Through the rear of the watch you can see the very pretty in-house made IWC caliber automatic movement. On the dial, there are two hands in the upper chronograph register, which allows it to be a full 12 hour chronograph, but also with two good looking sub-dials.

IWC replica watches announced it clearly that it is a limited production watch as it is for the 2011-2012 Volvo Ocean Race. So not matter how many limited pieces it made, it is rare chance for you to get an expensive watch in limited edition. Well, but you can get the replica IWC instead, which is with same appearance and good quality and cheap. You can also get other replica watches from the market, such as Rolex replica, Cartier replica and any other brand you can list.

28th March
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The variety of replica clothing available is quite varied right from sweat shirts, polo shirts to jeans, cargos, casual wear besides business suits which are more apt for your official visits. They are available at an affordable pricing making it easy for you make your wardrobe look amazing without burning a hole in your pocket. The sizes available are varied as well right from small, medium, large to extra-large. Picking them is based on your comfort level because casual wear should be much easy to wear so that you can move with ease. The ones that you are planning to wear to parties or social events should be an apt so as to look your best among your group of friends or peer group without much effort.

Whenever you buy them, make sure that the material used in the replica clothing will suit the climate because a woolen shirt wouldn’t be the apt choice for summer season. It will be more sweaty than you expect thus making you uncomfortable as long as you wear it. Avoid such situations and also make sure that you pick the right size. The features and material used on the clothing can be analyzed using the section provided with every product on the website. Explore it at your own convenience because the virtual shops are open throughout the day which can be accessed at any time as you like.

Many branded clothes are quite highly priced making it a costly affair for budget buyers. But, the replica clothing has been specifically launched in the market to help people buy quality dressing and branded clothes at much affordable price range. This reduces the issue of having to check out the pricing every time before you select the design. You can just pick anything and it will still easily fall into your price range without any hassles.