12th October
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When you wear a pair of Dior sunglasses you are making a serious fashion statement and a classy look. Dior sunglasses are the makers of flawless sunglasses, with having the characteristics of protection from Ultra Violet rays and blue rays of sun and the rich style at the same time. Dior established in early 20 century, but gained a big name in a very short time among designer’s sunglasses.
When you own a pair of Dior sunglasses, you own a key to unlock the world of high fashion. Some one who prefers to wear Dior sunglasses means he is having high sense of fashion. Dior sunglasses are chic and stylish and they are made of high quality material to make everyone feel comfortable when wearing them any where.
Dior has always brought to mind timeless styles in sunglasses. They use light but subdued colors to tint the lenses, from delicate to sporty and everything in between. Dior offers a variety of sunglasses for men’s with manly styles, for ladies with modern and classic appeal and for young girls who are still in the age of enjoying ultimate girly style, Dior has unique sunglasses that have pink lenses and plenty of decorative frames to make them squeal in delight.
Dior sunglasses are available in many shades such as grey, pink, amber, green, neutral and rose-colored. They are very light-weighted and sophisticated enough. It is a leading brand in the world of higher class designer. Many people use Dior sunglasses to show their status and high sense of fashion. They offers sunglasses with all the new colors and styles.
Three varieties of Dior Sunglasses are currently at the core of the Christian Dior collection. Which includes Dior Air 1s, Dior Glossy 1/S, and Dior Core/S. these sunglasses can be shopped from online fashion houses to drift into the world of fashion.

21st July
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In recent years, Gucci has been one of the best selling brands which is famous worldwide. Its leather items, accessories and sunglasses are all spotless and thus, Gucci goods are one of the most favored products among people all over the world. With a long developing history, Gucci has now set itself a standard in all lines. In summer months, Gucci replica  sunglasses can be a definite buy as they can never go wrong with any kind of costume.

No matter what you wear for a day, Gucci sunglasses could make a difference on your face. There must be a pair of Gucci shades which can go well with all kinds of dressing styles and could suit all occasions. In many classic films, you may have seen some wonderful models of Gucci eye wears. They grabbed your fashion-conscious heart at once and since then you may hardly forget them. When you knew that they were Gucci offerings, you felt disappointed instantly. They must be considerably high in prices, you thought. For this reason, you thought that you had no chance to get even one pair.

Indeed, designer eyeglasses like Gucci sunglasses are really classy and spotless. They are made of the best material and designed by outstanding stylists so that they are not only pragmatic but also quite chic to look. Usually, when a new Gucci model is launched, a number of people would flood into Gucci stores immediately. This is where the charm of Gucci offerings lies in, in my eyes.

As to the question about the high costs, I think you may now have more options. Shopping online or off would easily get comparatively cheap Gucci sunglasses in modern times. In a word, you had better keep your keen eyes on all discounts in your local boutiques and also, try shopping online which is also a good way to get favorable goods.