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26th December
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What is the Christmas gift? Do you have any Christmas ideas? How can we buy Christmas gifts?

Let us think it over. Perhaps right now you’ve got an idea. What about go window shopping? Firstly. Let us take a bus. And let us going together. So. Now, I and my best friend Lucy was getting together to the shop center.

When we get off the bus. We would like to look for the showing lines. Lily want to choose the shoes for her pen friend as a Christmas gift. She like the lovely pink color. And choose the 37 size as the comfortable one. She have a try of the shoes and feeling it so comfortable and nice looking for the gift. So. At last. She choose the pair of shoes for her friend’s gift.

And let’s looking about Lucy. Look . What have her been choose ? Let’s see. Oh, She was choosing a love Christmas card for her boyfriend. And when you open the card, It will ring and sing a Christmas song in a pleasant voice to your ear. It sings ”Merry Christmas . Merry Christmas and happy new year”. Both of us were laughing her ,We said:” Why did you choose the Christmas card for the Christmas gift?” She answered, Because I want to send it for my boy friend as a new year gift .and I can writing something on him for what I don’t know how to open my mouth to show my love also”. That’s so interesting for her .

All of us were already choose the lovely and the best Christmas gift for our friends. And we were already spend a happy time at the sales center department. Most important things is that we’ve got our self Christmas gift and the idea .We hoping to spend our happy again for the next Christmas time.

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