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20th March
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This is the most pupular sort of handbag named Birkin. As you can see, the bag is so tastful and beautiful that it is the favorite bag of.many giant people. Its designation is based on kelly bag of Hermes but better than it. It is very precious for its rare plus  material and perfect designation. To our surprise, It is hand-madec comepletely in order to ensur its quality. 

Birkin bag is famouse international handbag named from a france female singer by the president of Hermes. Birkin met the president of Hermes in the airport by accident in 1986, she inspired him ,so this president specialy design this bag for Birkin. Although Its designation is based on kelly bag, it is very different from kelly bag.

Bags represent people’s temperament..There is something noble about Birkin bags, so it is very popular among giant stars at home and abroad now . As we all know, WangFei and LiuTao are so crazy about Birkin bags and have all sorts of Birkin bags. Birkin bags have four kinds of size.The plus material is various.You have almost 90 kinds of rare leather material to choose from. Compared with Kelly bags,Birkin bags is casualer and easier. In order to ensure the quality, all the products are hand-made. Although it is very expensive, the production faltered. If you want to buy a Birkin bag, you should sign up first and you will be on the waiting list for one or two years, but everything is worthy. 

Look at the the birkin bag, its designation is very bardian. This colour is the most popular sort this year. So tastful it is. There is a sign of end time in each Birkin bag. It is so precious that every girl desires to own one Birkin bag.So be quick to make your move.


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19th February
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From poor woodworker to famous leather designer, his whole life is full of legend, Louis Vuitton, the most prominent “big shot“ in France, creates a fashion kingdom-LV. Since that, his name has been a dream the world pursue. Until today, as a name and brand, LV still is the spokesman of handbag.
The Foundation and Development of LV
In 1821, Louis Vuitton was born in Franche-Comte of France, and his family was poverty. However, he was immersed in woodworking since young.
In 1835, Louis Vuitton left for Paris to make a living. At first, he worked as a carpenter in a plant. During his work, some rich women often purchased their bucket to hold clothes, but it was inconvenient to carry. And then he got to know it was necessary for people to find a new transport tool.
In 1852, Napoleon III ascended the throne, and Louis Vuitton was elected as a bundle for queen. By virtue of his sophisticated technology, Louis Vuitton began to design trip bag, which was LV.
In 1854, Louis Vuitton set up a manufactory to produce the first handbag-Louis Vuitton speedy 30. The kind of handbag, with finer shape and elegant color, was durable and facility, and sold-well in the first instance.
After that, Louis Vuitton continued to found branch stores in other cities, such as Paris, London, and New York. In 1996, Louis Vuitton joined in L.V.M.H group, which immensely expanded out his business space.
Now, besides of high-ranking bags, Louis Vuitton sets foot into the clothing, jewelry, watch and so on. Its business has occupied 70% of the whole group.
The Legend of LV
For a long time, there had been two legends on LV:
1.In 1911, a British luxury passenger liner sank the sea. A LV hard-bag was refloated from the bottom of sea, however, unexpectedly found no a little water in it. Just owing to it, LV received an unprecedented reputation.
2.Ten years ago, a house was on fire, most things in it were burned out, but these items in one LV Monogram Glace bag were intact, only the appearance was smoked black.
Whatever they are true or not, it is profitable for the marketing of LV.
The Trademark
Louis Vuitton died in 1892. After that, his son, George Vuitton took his enterprise into a higher level. With the boom of LV, plenty of counterfeits appeared in market, so George determined to create a distinctive trademark for his commodity. Finally, he chose the acronym of his father name-LV, with flower pattern as unique mark for LV. That was Monogram Canvas, which lasted over 150 years as the identification of LV.

The Monogram Canvas-the first face for LV will also be permanent. It is indispensable for whichever high taste and quality woman to keep a LV, which is full of legend with profound history. Absolutely, it is worth for you to own it.

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