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26th March
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Christmas will fall in a month,next 25th.It is time for me to send some Christmas gifts to my friends. The first one I can remember is my beloved boyfriend.I am thinking what kind of gifts will be good for my dear Jack.He is so fond of listening to music, then I hope that I can send him a Nokia 5630XM.Because I learnt it from the Internet it is more advantageous than other brands.It is installed with smart operating system, and it is quite light, only 83 grams, and it is also with high frequency processor and it is quite satisfactory. He is also interested in taking photos for me.

So I am considering that I send him a cell phone, capable of taking pictures more clearly, recording the places of interests we have visited and the happy moments we spent these years. He had one before we came to know each other. But it had broken when we climbed Taishan mountain last year. I felt sorry for that, because it was me who made him break the mobile phone sent as a gift by his dear mother, for congratulating on his success in graduating from the university. I promised to him that I would like to make it up, and it is the time. I like this one, OPPO U529. I learnt from the Internet that it is with high definition, more than 5 million pixel. Besides, it is said that it is also with the function of face recognition and electronic anti-shake. What is more, it is easy for operation.

When taking these functions and usages into account, then I feel it is really a good choice for him. But before all is settled, I will go to the big malls and have a thorough investigation and see if there are many more choices for my beloved boy.

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