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22nd May
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Phone is a needful thing to everyone. All of you use it to contact your family or your friends. In a word, it is so important in our daily life. You will feel uneasy without it. So, everyone has a phone. But sometimes you will feel it is not convenient to hold the phone. You will put it in your bag, but maybe you will miss some important calls. In order to solve these problem, you are always looking for a thing to meet this demand. Yes, that is strap. A beautiful thing you use to hold your phone. It can be worn hanging round your neck and it is really convenient to do that. You can miss your calls and do not need to worry about thieves. Your phone will become more attractive at the same time.


First, for girls. You girls always like colorful things, strap is no exception. There are many kinds for you to choose according to you phone’s feature such as its color, its shape and its size. If your phone is in light color then you need one in dark color such as red, or purple. They will match each other very well.


Second, for boys. As a boy, maybe you will like ones without pattern of flowers or other things. They prefer black and white. If you have the same opinion with me, then you can not miss those shown below. Just have a look.



You can choose one for you or your girlfriend as a gift for her birthday. Your girl will think you are so considerate to do that and love you more that before. I am quite sure, strap is a good thing for your phone. Do you agree with me? Now, just get one at once without hesitation because it is so cheap and useful.

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7th May
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Choose, phones in high imitation.

Copy cell phones refer those cell phones which are produced as the same as brand cell phones in design. However, compared with brand cell phones, copy ones have inferior quality though the prices are much cheaper. When it comes to copy cell phones, many people often connect them with poor quality, defective functions and annoying after-sale service. Actually, if you are a connoisseur for copy cell phones or know much about them, buying a copy cell phone with great quality as well as low price is not a difficult job.
As for copy cell phones, some are with poor quality while some can make consumers satisfied and that is why some copy ones are sold in cheap price while some are still expensive in people’s mind. In fact, copy cell phones in great quality are manufactured by big factories which provide OEM service for those famous companies so they possess advanced equipment and technology. As these big factories do not have orders for processing, they often produce some copy ones to sell in the market.

In such circumstance, the quality of copy cell phones can match by that of real brand ones. So when selecting copy cell phones, consumers had better know well about producers. In addition, after-sale service is another factor people ought to consider for copy cell phones selection. Generally speaking, big factories offer one-year guarantee for free if breakage is not caused by artificial factors. On the contrary, many small factories which also sell copy cell phones always try their best to cheat consumers and do not offer explicit after-sale service clauses. When people decide to buy copy cell phones, Internet shopping is not a wise choice and consumers ought to go to real shops with large scale to check products carefully.
Anyhow, choosing a satisfactory copy cell phone is not difficult. But when some sellers offer you copy ones in very cheap price, you should think before you leap.

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