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15th May
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A pair of high heels means a lot to women. No matter how ordinary a woman is, she wants to have a pair of beautiful high heels in her wardrobe. I admit that those who wear high heels look really gorgeous to a great extent. However, there are lots of high heels that flood the shoes market, how to choose one perfect pair of high heels is really essential. Today I will show you some basic tips on how to choose a perfect pair of high heels, hope they can help you a lot.

The first thing you should consider is the style and color of the heels. You may feel confused when face with versatile kinds of high heels, believe me, just listen the voice that comes from your heart. Try to choose one style that is in accordance with your personality and the color that suits to your style.

The second thing you should take into consideration is that whether the shoes have enough room for your feet to breathe or not. The easy way for women to do this is to wear the shoes and to see if the shoes are comfortable or not. If you feel a little tight about the shoes, you’d better choose another pair of shoes.

If you are a person who cannot wear stilettos, I strongly advise you to choose shoes which have thick heels. If you stick to wear stilettos, you should not wear them for a long time for they will do bad effect to your health.

The last tip sounds maybe strange to you. You can buy your high heels at the end of the day, for at that time will expand and thus you can choose your comfortable shoes in an easy way. If you don’t have buy shoes like this, you can have a try on this method next time.

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3rd April
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With the steps of Christmas drawing near, more and more boys rack their brains to think out a wonderful present for this red-letter day to show to their sweethear, imagining how her beautiful eyes would sparkle when the wrap is unfolded. And here I strongly recommend a pair of high-heeled shoes as your best choice.
Viewing from above, the world will become more beautiful, and in the higher places, the air would seem to become fresher, while this so-called “higher” is just no more than a few centimeters. These are just some reasons given by the busybody for the women’s addiction to high-heeled shoes. These claims don’t matter to a woman really taken to high-heeled shoes, for they do not care about geographical or physical concepts, their beautiful and fresh appearance is what they want to get from the high-heeled shoes.

The one pair after another pair of high-heeled shoes belonging to the woman character Carrie in Sex and City make my heart beat faster than ever at the sight of the dazzling high heels. Some people say, Carrie’s Manolo blahnik high-heels nearly become the mainstream line leading the drama, the pursuit of the patterns of shoes runs even faster than the pursuit of the episodes itself. It is just the one after another pairs of high-heels that make Carrie more imbued with the feminine qualities. I like one of her sayings very much, “ Standing on high-heels, I can see the whole world”.

Yes, if there is anything in the world that is most representative of woman, I think it is high-heels. The feelings of a woman towards high-heels, commonly said, are a sense of love, sometimes even to the point of obsession. Maybe most girls have the experience of secretly trying out their mothers or somebody else’s high-heels. That kind of excitement, the feeling of suddenly growing up, intentionally giving an enchanting demeanor and expression in imitation of the adults’ way, have been imprinted in the depth of every women’s memory, and the temptation of high-heels has since then taken root in the hearts of young girls. The day when she wears the high-heels for the first time often symbolizes the transition from a young girl into a mature woman.
There is a slogan that goes: if you are a fashion seeker, if you are a lover of life, if you are a person in good taste, if you are a worshiper for art, if you are a talent full of originalities, please enter into this fascinating castle of high-heels, which expresses the women’s longing and pursuit for the high-heels to the full. Women may probably set forth ten thousand reasons for their love for high-heels, however, even one million reasons could be boided down to one reason: the high-heels make a woman more like a woman.
Then it is not difficult to understand the reason why women nourish such a fascination with high-heels, even to the extent of losing themselves in front of them. Because every woman has a dream in mind, that is, to become the focus of the world with all the eyes fixed on her, as well as on the high-heels in her feet which serves to set off her noble spirit.
And women’s fascination with the high-heels is often associated with their pursuit of love. When seeing beautiful shoes on the shelf, women would invariably feel a lack of a pair of stylish shoes in vogue. As to the high-heels, every woman holds a private fondness, and a forever unquenchable appetite, just like women’s perseverence in their love. Once hearing a woman tell a story about herself: when asked whether she would commit herself to a man just because of a pair of high-heels, she said yes. If a man gives her her favorite shoes, it proves that he want her to own the best beauty in world;to cherish the beautiful high-heels is to cherish the beautiful love, being endowed with the happiness beyond description.

Some people may say that wearing high-heels will do harm to your health; this is nothing short of advicing the women in love: alert, falling in love would make you hurt. Women wouldn’t care a damn about this, and they fully enjoy all that high-heels and love bring to them: they persistently dedicate themselves to the love and pain during the course, and meanwhile reap their elation.

High-heels, enable the women to dance at fashion’s fingertips, regardless of youth or twilight years.

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23rd January
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 Majority of women cast covetous eyes at the designer shoes but cannot have a taste of them since they are always at the hefty prices that beyond the averages’ reach. So most people are waiting for and will grasp the opportunity when there are wholesales of the discount design shoes. Scare buying storms will always happen when there are some discount designer shoes available in the big stores or online shops. 

Why are discount designer shoes so popular among people? The reasons are obvious. First of all, discount designer shoes are the same as the original ones which are with the superior quality and excellent durability. The styles of these discount shoes are never out of fashion and will last chic for a long time. Although discount shoes maybe out of season, they are quite brand new just as the in-fashion ones. 

The most important advantage of the discount shoes is that they are much cheaper than the normal prices. Maybe you have to pay thousand dollars for original ones, but only hundreds dollars for a discount shoes. And these cheap discount shoes are mostly found online. 
If you intend to find genuine but discounted designer shoes, what you can do is to try online shopping. Since Internet become a breakthrough venue for advertising, more and more producers and companies place their advertisements online through their websites. There are many online stores out there that produce lists, photos, and prices of various designer shoes on sale. Some of these online stores even provide descriptions of the discounted designer shoes they have to give the buyer better options. 
Since large online shoe stores are able to sell hundreds pairs or designer shoes daily, they offer discounts more often compared to boutiques. With more discount products, the popularity of the shop will certainly grows. That is also the purpose of the sellers who bring the discount activities. Gain the discount designer shoes just browsing the net, you will be the person who possesses a precious designer footwear. 
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