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29th May
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Trust of the historical heritage in classical Greece and Rome, and thanks for the memories with the charm of art in Renaissance.Italy’s top luxury good group BVLGARI, in its brilliant chapter for up to 125 years. Looking back the past repeatedly, captures the essence mining. Hundreds years of tradition makes all kinds of BVLGARI bright colorful jewelry becomes a collection of competing objects between Aristocratic elite. Its distinguished magnanimity among solemn and quiet. Inherit Italian classic accessories design, and loyal to exquisite craftsmanship.

For its new approach to fashion, we tailored exclusive products for the distinguished guest. Lead the fashion trend and Setting the benchmark of luxury.perfect the female’s charming elegance.

In 1997, BVLGARI introduces the first series of glasses. and then introduced a variety of optical glasses and sunglasses series.

A special edition sunglass add charming for the season’s accessories. The crystal at the convergence of wire and hinge pin constitutes a circular design. Inspired from a diamond necklace of BVLGARI series.

Serpenti means “snake” in italian, it symbolizes strength, regeneration and eternal. It has been a permanent theme of jewelry design since the the greek era. also the simbol of enduring in the history of BVLGARI. Vividly flash on the in accessories design, In this season. Be moist by crystal and enamel, decorated with cellulose acetate and polishing metal wire feet.And more accessories and fine jewelry design is also echoed each other ,with the same strain.

Parentesi series sunglass inspired from the iconic design of the mouth of joint Daqi in the Roman street. Adding points of elegance to the acetic acid resin base wire. Multiple color styles,including classic black, tobacco, gray, brown and the new honey color. Using the polished surface of silky smooth.

zero1 series, the BVLGARI jewelry series sweeping the world. The classic spiral shape applied in the accessories series unpredentedly. contain the Acetate Frame embeded round lenses — the Dazzling Semi-circular crystal embeded in the gold frame, reproduce the historical pattern with the jewelry series of same name.

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17th February
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PRADA has exclusive glass legs. Mirror legs can bend to obtain the maximum comfort. The design is upside down. The flat steel is light and bright. Nature color and other uniform colors create the latest Prada boutique. Today, Miuccia Prada in charge of Prada is Mario’s granddaughter. Prada Group takes control of Prada, Jil Sander, Helmut Lang, Church & Co and other brands.

In 1975, Mr. Jim Jannard created OAKLEY era. OAKLEY glasses’ subversion on the concept of glasses products is that it combines the glasses comfort, practicality and artistry. Both the product design and choice of materials, it takes a series of advanced scientific experiments and testing to ensure its comfort and high quality, and make unction and fashion integrate.

Judith Leiber
Hungarian fashion brand Judith Leibern is famous for the innovative and ingenious handbag design. In fact, the brand’s designer Judith Leiber launched sunglasses series back in 1946. The design concept is inspired by the handbag. He uses precious stones, crystals, agate and mother of pearl to piece together into different patterns, and presents to people with ornate style.

DONNA KARAN is currently leading well-known brand in the world. Hollywood International superstar Bruce. Willie, and Demi Moore couple are its clothing spokesperson, so its charm can be said unmatched. The pursuit of fashion and paying attention to personal taste are the best choice for mature modern people. Country of origin: United States; Producing countries: France, Japan; Series: eyewear, clothing, leather goods, ties, hats, jewelry and many other goods.

Yves Saint Laurent
Yves Saint Laurent, founder of Yves Saint Laurent was born in Algeria in 1936. YSL glasses draw design inspiration of Saint Laurent and infuse art, cultural diversity considerations into the glass design. From traditional to the simple style design, the line is gentle and appropriate, the model is modern and timely, and the color is gorgeous. It is the first choice for successful people for its stable and mature content.

Downer Karan
Downer Karan’s founder is a peaceful woman.Its glasses are trendy, delicacy and classical type. Cold metal and chic plastic are in keeping of ergonomic.Neat clean line is the core idea of dkny sunglasses. And hybrid material is also dkny’s preference.

Louis Vuitton
Louis Vuitton once launched functional sunglasses. The mirror is not only equipped with a high ultraviolet light protection coefficient, but also is fog-proof.The frame is so light that it will float on the surface even droppinf in the water. The price of about ten thousand, and it is more suitable for boys than girls. Louis Vuitton glasses are so expensive is not only because its fame and hand polished process, but the vague monogram totem.

Founder: Gabriellechanel Chanel; Registry: Paris, France (1913); Designer: Gabriellechanel. Each Chanel sunglass uses corrosion resistant plastic technical material with high hardness. The plate has lasting bright and rich colors. The lenses uses UV400 resin film,which can completely filter the sun’s ultraviolet light and care each user’s eyes.

Christian Dior
CD glasses has many styles and colors, and maps out colorful world in the eyes wth the the changeable and exaggerated styles. CD glasses reflects the avant-garde trends and personalities. The plastic sunglasses use CA plate material. CD frame design is compact,and has CD-specific wild taste.

Cartier sunglasses use technical plastic materials to strengthen the sense of depth and three-dimensional appearance. It wears a woman’s noble spirit and unique personality.Cartier metal frames are made of high nickel alloy,which is characterized by good elasticity,high hardness,solid weld and durable performance.

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