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24th February
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Watch–the symbol of long and peaceful life, and is also a good choice to present love for your girl. A decent watch places a heart of sincerity, constancy and zeal. Then, why do we still wait? Let us go and check if you would learn something of choosing a watch after reading this article.

Before your action is taken, the most important thing you ought to consider is your girl’s character. We will start from the girls with open hearts. To those girls, life is always colorful and amazing. Your present should not be too dark-colored. Girls are sensitive creatures, whatever character they are featured, they all have an unusually greater sensation as they are touched with color, size, shape–those of which can hardly arouse boys’ spirit to pay attention, may be the very elements you should reckon. Meanwhile, those who have an apparent open-minded idea will not be unwilling to receive a surprise which, in a very degree, related to the inner desire of a young girl. As to the rest of them, of who mostly reserved just as an inward soul would displays, actually need more of an implicit giving than a splendid style. Therefore, you had better choose a fine watch in the name of some significance–the anniversary, for instance. One thing is for sure that, those girls, unlike the outgoing ones, entrust their love more to your intention rather than to your expenditure.

The age at which you are requires you to be a bit more reasonable than overwhelming as love gushing out. A student never will be able to afford a world-class watch, nor should he spend too much beyond his own limit. Choosing a watch with nice look and fine price comes more realistic to the majority.

Finally, be aware of the quality. Though necessary to think over the price, the use of the watch itself is also vital. Our suggestion is to choose a famous brand–those which are commonly known in your daily life such as CASIO.

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