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13th March
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Yesterday my mother asked me to attend a wedding ceremony, I didn’t expect both the bride and bridegroom are my classmate in middle school, I was really happy to attend that ceremony because I think It was a wonderful and successful.

I should point out that when music signals the entrance of bridesmaid and then followed by the beautiful bride, which was really a beautiful moment. The wedding atmosphere was lively and active. After this wedding ceremony, I realize the importance of wedding music for a wedding reception.

We have got used to the Wedding March and this song has been recomposed to many different editions. Only Wedding March is not enough now. To make the wedding party more lively and active, you should prepare other songs. For a traditional wedding or a catholic wedding, classic music is the right one. For example, Groovy Kind of Love, Canon in D Major, The Prince if Denmark’s March, Here Comes the Bride, Angels Watching, The Water is Wide (or called The Gift of Love), Ode to Joy and Moonlight Sonata will be your best choices.

As for modern wedding parties, pop songs with lively rhythm will make the wedding delightful and joyful. I recommend the following pop songs and in which part these songs should appear.

Prelude songs: When the guests come in, prelude songs begin, Happy Together , Let’s Get It Started, That’s What Friends Are For and Walk This Way would be the songs prepared for welcoming your guests.

When the new couples come in and they are memorizing their love story, A Love So Beautiful, Because of You, Love is All Round, Sweet Dream, The Sweetest Day and The One You Love will turn the wedding atmosphere to a warm and happy situation.

During the wedding reception, From This Moment On, It Had To Be You, Against All Odds, As Long As You Love Me, The One You Love, The Power of The Love, When a Man Loves a Woman and You Have Been Loved show the deep love and determination of their marriage between bride and bridegroom.

Wedding March, of Course, will never been dated, and except this song, the Perfect Moment also symbolizes the nice marriage. With right wedding music, every guest will enjoy the ceremony.

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