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31st March
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Time is changing, and people’ idea is also changing. Nowadays, many people want to show themselves by their wear. For example, Lady Gaga is a good example. She just wears what she wants and doesn’t care about others. More, she wears bikini in public and challenges the high-heeled shoes without heels. Therefore, she has been the center of people’s attention. Actually, people like personal things very much in order to attract others’ eyes. Of course, weird hats have gained great popularity in the world, and these hats can make you stand out in the crowd. Then I will talk something about these hats.

When you have a look at these hats, you must be shocked by their odd looks. That’s right, and the hat designers want you to be surprised. To be true, these hats feature weird shapes and crazy looks, which can give others a great shock.

Sometimes, you see someone who wears the hat, and you can’t help having a close look at it in order to know what the hat really is. As a result, your eyes are frequently directed to the wearer. Actually, the wearer is happy to get your attention.

If you are going to attend a party or carvinal on this weekend, these hats are your best choice to get all eyes. For instance, you wear the hat whose shape is like a plate in an outside party. You can find that there is an apple, a mouse and a knife in the plate, which can make others eagerly touch them. The hat might help you make most new friends in the party. The plate hat is the best friend of you in a party.

What’s more, there are different types of these hats, such as a heart shape hat, or a weird shape that you can’t image. Now you just open your wide eyes, have a close look at them, and appreciate them.


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